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Black History Activity Packs

Writing + Art with the letter Cc for Dr. George Washington Carver

Writing takes practice! Use these worksheets to practice tracing or copying. Set a timer 5 to 10 minutes (if your child needs that) so there is a “set” amount of time for focused concentration on letter formation.

If your child is copying, sit near the child and pay attention to the space and letter formation. Gently correct. If you find your child gets frustrated often does not not take correction well, you can move the energy to work with the letter art.

It is my advice to have the letter art materials prepared so if you need to switch to another activity you can. This can provide the child with more freedom of expression but do set the expectation to complete the writing letter work. 

Switching activities is a strategy to re-engage and refocus but it should not be used as a strategy to not complete work.

Writing takes A LOT of practice as well as finger and hand strength. Use moments to observe the child to help pinpoint where the frustration is coming from.

Use your observations, to add to your child’s shelves work in the areas of practical life, sensorial, culture and if you have an art section.

For ages 3-5

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