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For young children first learning to write, copywork involves carefully copying out each individual letter so they can practice proper letter formation. As children get older and gain more writing skills, copywork transitions to copying full words rather than individual letters. The next developmental stage is transcription, where the child copies connected passages of text, rather than just isolated words. Through this progression of copywork to full transcription, children steadily build their writing abilities. Copywork is used within Montessori but it is more known within the Charlotte Mason philosophy. If you are wondering what is the Charlotte Mason philosophy, I linked a great article from Heritage Mom for your enjoyment!
Copywork offers children learning to write a host of advantages, including:

  • Improving penmanship skills without the pressure of original ideation
  • Organically recognizing proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and new vocabulary through mindful transcription
  • Building self-assurance, motivation, and concentration stamina thanks to its child-directed approach

This printable includes the following:

  • A Copywork How-to Guide
  • An article on how to observe the Montessori way
  • 4 copywork quotes (tracing + transcription versions)


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