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Wooden Materials

Niata Pattern Puzzle by Ancestors' Seeds

This puzzle is influenced by a Kente cloth pattern called Niata.What is special about this puzzle is that it can be used to introduce Ghanaian and Kente cloth history, colors, shapes, and patterns. This puzzle comes with a control sheet as its base, which can help the child put the puzzle together and can also allow you to scaffold. If your little one is not ready for the pieces, especially the smaller yellow rectangles, you can wait to add those pieces to the puzzle and introduce the large ones, or just use the base to start the conversation.

Stay tuned because I am working on learning add-ons to help provide more context and extend the learning for your little one. In the meantime, please check out Ghana’s learning pack to learn about the place of origin for Kente Cloth as well as see several great children's books to include in your Kente Cloth study. Each purchase comes with a cotton muslin bag to store pieces.

Explore Ghana's heritage through my Niata Pattern Puzzle, a captivating introduction to Kente cloth history and patterns.

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