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Wooden Materials

Lacing Cards by Ancestors' Seeds

Each lacing card is made of wood and stained with non-toxic colors. Included with each lacing card is a lacing string along with a printable with the lacing card’s meaning for you to share that knowledge with your child. Each purchase comes with a cotton muslin bag to store your lacing card and string.

These lacing cards are great for:

  • Pincer Grasp Development: Strengthens the fingers for picking up small objects such as beads and coins
  • Bilateral Coordination: By using the dominant hand to hold the lacing card as the non-dominant hand laces with the string, bilateral coordination is being practiced. Examples of bilateral coordination include writing, drawing, cutting using a pair of scissors, zipping a jacket, and buttoning a shirt.
  • Motor Planning: Helps with tasks that are seen with the eyes and completed with the hands, such as cutting along a line.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Great practice for early writers. Information such as the location of the holes is seen with the eyes, and the child has to control his or her hands in order to finish the task. Playing catch is another way to build hand-eye coordination skills.

Enhance fine motor skills and coordination with my Wooden Lacing Cards – a fun and educational activity for your child.

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