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Afro-Latinx 3-Part Classification Cards + Book List

How to use the material:

Flash Cards (individual or small group)

 •  The child can name the individual when presented with the card.

  Matching Cards

•  The child can use the control cards (card with picture & word) to match the correct picture card

3-part Classification Cards

•The child can match the word with the correct picture as well as use the control card (card with picture and word) to check his or her work. 

For the book list:

You can build in multiple activities with these books beyond just reading the book. You can build in discussions as you read especially if there are similarities within the story that can make a direct connection with your child’s lived experiences. Allow your child to spend time looking at the pictures and ask questions to learn more about their insight into what is happening in the book.

Do a book browse—You can set up an invitation of books and have your child look through the book. Pay attention to the pages that interest your child. You can also build the interest you noticed in the read-aloud of that book.



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