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Montessori-Inspired 30-Day Kwanzaa Celebration

Celebrate Kwanzaa the Montessori Way: Introducing a 30-Day Curriculum for Home and Classroom

This holiday season, explore Kwanzaa through the lens of Montessori principles with our comprehensive 30-day curriculum guide. It is designed for parents and educators alike! This in-depth curriculum leverages Montessori methods to demystify Kwanzaa and immerse children in its rich history, values, and traditions.

There are over 30 engaging lessons for you and your child. Your child will gain hands-on exposure to the seven principles of Kwanzaa. The observation techniques included in this curriculum will enhance your understanding of how to support your child's or student’s understanding of Kwanzaa history and principles.

My unique blend of practical activities, affirmations, meditations, and discussions will instill the values of family, community, and culture into your home or classroom. Immerse your child in Kwanzaa's rich history and values with my Montessori 30-Day Curriculum.

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