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Adinkra Bingo Game

The Adinkra Bingo Game is another way to incorporate learning about the Adinkra symbols. This game comes with 5 different bingo cards, call chips, and player chips to mark squares. This is a fun game to teach children (3-5) to learn how to take turns, recognize adinkra symbols, and learn about special meaning with each symbol. Also, this game is self-correcting by having the child see the image and/or the meaning on the call card and match it. 

Once the child understands the idea of the game, the child can play alone or with another child. 

How to play:Prepare: Print out bingo boards along with the call cards. Cut the call cards. You can place the cut call cards into a bag or shallow box to mix up and have someone pull the card. Distribute: Give each player a bingo board (each of the five cards is different)Call or Show: The caller should pull out one "call" card from a non-see-through bag and either show the card or if able, read the meaning of the symbol. Marking Image: Children can use the bingo chips over the image if it is called on their card.Winning: Once a predetermined pattern (3 in a row, four corners, middle or diagonal, etc.) is made on a card, the child with that card calls out BINGO or another word of your creation.



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